August (recruitment)

One month later and I have learnt things about my friends I never knew. Some of the ones I thought would be interested laughed at the very idea and others who I thought wouldn't be, were. I now also know that one friend will not go anywhere that requires innoculation and another can walk up hills but not down (which begs several questions!). I have also discovered that nobody likes leeches.
But the bottom line is that we now have a core group of enthusiastic trekkers, including Leanne who is a travel agent - which should prove useful with the planning (with the added bonus that if things go wrong along the way, she is at hand for immediate punishment). She also comes up with the rather inspired idea of linking the trek with a charity like breast cancer so that we can raise money at the same time and the whole thing can be doubly inspirational! Apart from Leanne, there is Cathri, Maria and Lyn, all friends from my Army Reserve days, and Lorraine, a friend from tennis. We are all of a similar age (i.e. not exactly youthful) and fitness (i.e. not). There are also several other women who are considering the venture but are not definites as yet. I shall try to talk them into adding to this blog as time goes on.

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