October (getting back on track for the trek)

I have decided that I simply do not have the right sort of temperament for prolonged recoveries. This is exemplified by the reason why I haven't posted anything on this blog for two weeks - which is because I've been busy sulking. See there I was, building up my post-surgery strength quite happily, doing why I was told (more or less), not pushing myself (more or less), keeping up my nutrition (unfortunately more rather than less) and what happens? I'm on the exercise bike, pedalling away slowly when twang! Discomfort rapidly followed by significant pain which settled in so well that it stayed for the better part of a week. Like an unwanted house-guest who is loud and obnoxious and has no idea of personal space. Anyway, it set me right back to where I was immediately after the damn operation back in mid-August.

To say I was furious would be an understatement. And it was made even worse because it was difficult to know exactly who to be furious at. So the fury transmogrified itself into a fit of the sulks and there you go. But now I am back to almost where I was and feeling relatively confident once more. Hence this post. But I tell you, one more setback and I'm definitely making a complaint.