January (LEOSHS etc)

This week has been marred by latter-end-of-school-holidays syndrome (also known as LEOSHS, which is easier to enunciate after a few drinks). This is a medical/psychological condition that relates to how painful one's offspring become in the last weeks of the summer school holidays. I am also quite convinced that children gradually become more annoying as they age because they know (sneaky little buggers) that the older they are, the more difficult it is to put them up for adoption.
Despite the full swing of LEOSHS, I managed to find some 'me' time this week, which I spent visiting the specialist about my knee. It seems I have cartilage issues (as if I needed more issues), and I require a procedure called an arthroscopy. The good news is that it's a simple day procedure with just a two-month recovery time. The bad news is that my socialist leanings have precluded private health insurance and it seems I will now pay the price. I either fork out a significant sum of money (signficant to me anyway!) or I wait two months for yet another specialist appointment and then a further six months for the surgery. Which means, with the two-month recovery time, I'm cutting it all very, very fine. Bloody hell.

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