June (damn fitness)

What really annoys me is how it takes so damn long to get fit, and so little time to lose it. I mean, I've been doing the 1000 steps each Sunday for the past six months or so and had exerted a lot of energy to get to the stage where I could reach the summit with only three rest-stops. I was even extending myself by walking up a little hill at the top and back down again and then, if that wasn't admirable enough, jogging part of the way down the Lyrebird track (which is easier than it sounds because, in many places, it's so steep that once you start jogging you can't stop. So it's actually more of an out of control running/flailing movement). Then a few weeks ago my eldest daughter developed a cold. Now this particular offspring is not usually terribly tactile but when she is the least bit ill, has a tendency to drape herself over me at every opportunity. Thereby ensuring that any ailment is shared posthaste. Hence, within a few days, I also had a cold. And it has lingered, and lingered (no jokes about swine flu please, I'm over them).
So this morning I head for the 1000 steps as per usual. But this time I am breathless before I even get out of the car-park, and by the time I reach the actual steps I sound like an eighty-year old asthmatic. I won't go into details of how I sounded - and looked - once I reached the top. Suffice to say I suspect several people were preparing themselves to deliver CPR (probably holding a secret rock/paper/scissors for who would have to give me mouth-to-mouth). Needless to say there was no extra little hill this morning, and no jogging/running/flailing either. It seems my fitness level has rebounded several months in a week. And, boy, am I peeved.

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