June (it's official)

Last week we attended a Kokoda et al information evening run by our trekking company (as in we shall be using them, not as in we own them as part of our business portfolio). Anyway, as information evenings are usually - but not always - wont to do, the evening was primarily devoted to the giving and receiving of information. But it was also a good chance for us all to catch up again, including our newest member, Annie, and also Wayne, who some of us were in the Army Reserves with many moons ago. It looks like Wayne will be our token male so it's probably just as well that he already drinks.
We also got to catch up with our prospective leader, Sue, who is a very pleasant lady of around our own age. And she appears competent too, which will no doubt come in handy. Especially since I now severely doubt the ability of either Lorraine or myself to navigate our way out of a wet paper bag. When trying to find the conference room, which was on the second floor, we managed to end up back where we started - twice. It was like one of those weird puzzles with stairs and everything but just one dimension. So being unable to find the second floor of a pub seems, to me, to be a rather bad omen (but then again jungle paths are single storey so maybe it'll be easier).

After the information segment of the evening, we went back downstairs (it was easier to find going backwards) and settled down for a catch-up. Sign of the times (and our age), though, was the amount of skinny hot chocolates that were ordered in comparison to actual alcohol. Even so, I (who believe it or not was a hot chocolate consumer) still managed to lose my footing afterwards when picking up my coat and went staggering backwards, arms spiralling attractively, straight up and over a laden - but fortunately unoccupied - table. Tres embarrassing.

But the upshot is that we have firmed and booked our dates - the latter part of July 2010. Which gives me just over a year to perfect both my navigational skills and my ability to stand upright for extended periods of time (say, five minutes). This will be a challenge.

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