March (fitness creeps up...)

Well, I'm pleased (in fact, borderline ecstatic) to announce that I'm finally starting to get somewhat fit! I did the 1000 steps this morning and only had to pause five times on the way up, which is a considerable improvement on my standard ten or so. Another way to test our collective rise in fitness levels has been Cathri's face which, a few months ago, used to become a rather alarming fleshy-puce colour but now merely gains a pinkish hue no matter what. Even when she slipped down some rocks last week and landed smack on one particularly jagged protuberance, the colour of her face remained simply flushed (probably for good reason), rather than luridly liverish. This is good not only for Cathri personally (more attractive for starters), but for the rest of us who can now wear red or burgundy etc without fear of violent colour clashing.
However the most amusing thing to happen on that particular hike (up the dreaded firetrack), was when Leanne looked back down at our almost perpendicular ascent and declared herself as having an attack of libido (she meant vertigo). This quite understandably left the rest of us momentarily speechless. I mean, should anybody enjoy rock climbing that much? And, if so, what the hell would they be like on the rugged terrain of Kokoda? Hmm...

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corymbia said...

Bwahahaha - "an attack of libido"
Now there's a lass who enjoys her exercise!