March (a minor setback)

Being the stoic type, I haven't much mentioned my ongoing injury (torn cartilege) and how that's been affecting training etc. One of the reasons for this is, to be honest, that the effect has been minimal. Just a slight twinge every so often and the handy ability to use the injury as an excellent excuse whenever anybody (usually fitter than I) suggests doing that little bit extra. But now it seems the whole cartilege thing is about to rear its ugly head (how's that for an unattractive image?).
See, the problem is that I was pinning my hopes on the specialist I saw back in January being able to get me an appointment with a surgeon within a specific timeframe. Silly me. What I've ended up with are two appointments (with two different surgeons and at two different hospitals - confused? Me too), neither of which are going to give me enough time to undergo surgery and then recover. Not enough anyway for a somewhat gruelling September hike that involves hills and dales and the occasional cliff face. Bugger.

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