March (decisions)

Well, I've been mulling things over since the last post (while waiting for a miracle, like the sudden onset of advanced healing powers or something), and have finally decided to email all my fellow trekkers and lay the injury/operation situation before them. The way I see it, we have several options:
1. They go without me.
2. We postpone the whole thing till next year, or
3. We continue with preparations, pay our deposits etc - and just hope for the best (like the sudden onset of advanced healing powers or something).
So as soon as I finish here I shall compose a suitably abject yet stoic email and sit back to wait for the response. Although I use the term 'sit back' rather euphemistically, because the act of sitting, especially back, is one of those little luxuries that I used to take for granted but no longer have time for. On top of everything else, I've got my youngest daughter's 14th birthday party this Saturday - and it'll be her first 'proper' mixed party since she became a teenager (i.e. last year). And apparently the pressure is on her (i.e. me) to ensure everything is absolutely perfect, the food is plentiful, everyone has a riproaring time, and not a single child looks even momentarily bored. Unfortunately the forecast is for non-stop torrential rain all weekend - and apparently also, somehow that's my fault.

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