March (Breaking news!)

It's official! Kokoda 2009, formerly known as Kokoda 2010, is now to be known (once again) as Kokoda 2010! That's right, we have unanimously (well, almost) decided to postpone the trek until mid next year, probably July-ish. It seems I wasn't the only one with issues - Lyn also needs an operation and would have been running it pretty close, while Maria was having second thoughts about the whole leaving a baby-under-one-year thing (even apart from the logistics of long-distance breast-feeding), and Cathri was rather pleased to gain an extra ten months training time. Unfortunately Lorraine was pretty devastated - but that's mainly because she was actually training with another Kokoda-bound group a few years ago and they all ended up pulling out. So I'm guessing she's concerned it's going to happen again. But it's not! We are Kokoda 2010 and, in exactly sixteen months, we will be wading through mud and fording rivers and scaling cliffs while sweating through horrendous humidity and wearing the same clothes for days on end. Can't wait!

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YvetteDownunder said...

oh, I am glad you could work out a compromise and still go. I admire what you are doing - not my thing, but I see the attraction