April (and the dates are set...)

Well, it's semi-official: Kokoda 2010 (formerly known as Kokoda 2009 etc etc) will take place during the latter half of the July school holidays next year. These dates are the result of carefully calculated compromises - and a three-and-a-half-minute chat at the end of the recent Run For The Kids. I recommend a similar strategy for any potentially volatile discussion because everyone is too breathless to actually discuss (or argue), and far more likely to settle just so that they can lean back and eat grapes (see earlier post).
But the dates do seem to suit everyone: the school-teachers (2), the mothers of young childdren (2), the ones who need to book their leave twelve months in advance (2), the ones who need operations and time to recover (3), and the ones who really don't care so let's just get on with it (2 1/2). My only concern is that July is at the earlier end of the Papua New Guinea dry season, and I hope that doesn't mean there will be some overlapping wetness. Which sounds disgusting and, I'm guessing, feels even worse.
On a brighter (but still fairly damp as it was drizzling) note, this morning Cathri and I met the newest member of our group, Annie. She had just completed the 1000 steps with a group of friends and they were off to have a leisurely brunch at Knox City. So, with that finely tuned combination of energy and sloth, it sounds like she'll fit in perfectly!

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